16 Easy Kids Christmas Crafts They’ll Love!

The holidays are a great time to break out the craft supplies with your kids.  Easy kids Christmas crafts are minimally messy and they are really about the time spent around the table, concentrating and chatting while you’re mind is occupied.

I love the break that crafting offers from the insane madness that the holidays can bring about.  And I’m going to give you fair warning right now.


You are going to look a this list below and you’re going to find something you know you and your kids would love to make and then suddenly it’s going to be Christmas Eve and you will have not made anything.  Because you were shopping and cooking and shopping and shopping and shopping.

Make the time to do this.  You aren’t going to go, oh, I’ll make the Santa’s on 12/26.  On 12/26 you’re scheming how quickly you can get that tree down and get your house back to normal.

So, put a reminder in your calendar and DO THIS.  Don’t let these projects waste away in a Pinterest board, ok?  Next year your kids might not want to craft with you.

LRL’s Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

First, let’s take a look at some of the Christmas crafts I’ve done right here on the blog.

Adorable Light Up Clay Christmas Trees

DIY Christmas Craft - Cute little air dry Christmas trees perfectly lit by faux flame tea lights This is so easy and inexpensive and perfect for you Christmas village or mantel or anywhere you need a tiny touch of Christmas.

These are so cute and simple. They are lit by a tea light.

Find the full tutorial here.

Clay Christmas Ornaments

These are perfect if you want minimal mess and materials.

Find the full tutorial here.

DIY Frozen Suncatchers

OK, this is more winter than Christmas, but believe me, you will LOVE making these with your kids.

Find the Full Tutorial Here

Evergreen Trees Watercolor Painting

This one is better for your teens and tweens, but they are super fun to make and watercolors are always a hit.

Find the full tutorial here.

16 Merry Kids Christmas Crafts  (and You!)

You may know that I have a couple of rules for crafts.  They have to be useful and they have to be cute/pretty/somehow aesthetically pleasing.  I will forgo the useful part of that rule if they are “make you catch your breath” beautiful.

But for the most part, I want useful.  When it comes to Christmas Crafts, that’s going to include ornaments and decorations.

Ok?  You got the rules down?  Let’s go.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Jumping Elf Puppets from Kids Craft Room


What’s jollier than a bunch of jumping elves?


These adorable little elves from Kids Craft Room actually jump when you pull their string.  I love an interactive craft.  This is one you’ll be excited to pull out of the ornament box every year.

Christmas Tree Fingerprint Craft from a Dab of Glue Will Do


I’ve always loved crafts that involve fingerprints.  They idea of pulling this out every year and seeing how those little fingertips have grown from the previous year gets me every time.

This Christmas Tree Fingerprint Painting from a Dab of Glue Will Do is one that is special enough to laminate so that you will always have it for years to come.

And this one is super easy, but a tiny bit messy. Let the messy happen.  It’s Christmas.

Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Craft from The Best Ideas for Kids


Ah, these are super adorable.  I mean, really, really cute.  Which is the only reason they made this list.

Because the title?  Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Craft.  It’s not working for me.  Well, actually, on second thought.  I do appreciate the straight forwardness.

This craft was made from Toilet Paper Rolls which came directly from right next to the Toilet.  Just want you to be aware.

I don’t know though.  Still weird to go, “Mommy, mommy look what I did with toilet paper rolls!”.

Cute though.  For real.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree from One Little Project


Rhinestone stickers are always an excellent choice when crafting with little ones.

Provided they are above the age that is always putting everything in their mouths.

These popsicle stick Christmas Trees from One Little Project are great for any kid above that age.  They are simple but almost glamorous, aren’t they?

Or have I had a little too much eggnog? (jk, I’m writing this in the blazing heat of July.  I’m not drinking eggnog.  It’s rum & coke).

Paper Plate Santa from Arty Crafty Kids


Ok, this is super awesome.

This Paper Plate Santa from Arty Crafty Kids is one of those things where you look at it and go, well, that took some talent.

And then you look at it again and go, wait.  No it didn’t.  That’s actually super easy.  Even my completely unartistic self could totally do that.

You can totally do this!

Cotton Ball Snowman from A Little Pinch of Perfect


Cotton Balls are one of those things that you probably have a huge bag of in your house but you don’t really technically use them that much, so you might as well craft with them, right?

This cute little Snowman project from a Little Pinch of Perfect is fun and easy and will be adorable on your fridge for a few weeks.

Make this one right after Christmas and it will carry you til Valentine’s Day!

Reindeer Ball from Easy Peasy and Fun


Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was my favorite Christmas movie and Christmas song growing up. It was probably yours, too.

There was something so special about that stop motion animation and also Clarissa’s eyelashes were on point.

But, I digress, this cute little Reindeer Paper Ball from Easy Peasy and Fun is just as cute as Rudolph and Clarissa!

Gingerbread House Ornaments from Projects with Kids


Have you ever tried to make a real Gingerbread House?  If you haven’t, let me sway you from ever trying that debacle of a project.  Everything breaks.  The frosting is a disaster.  It’s a huge mess and SOMEONE WILL CRY when their roof caves in.

Just don’t.

Instead, try these insanely cute Gingerbread House ornaments from Projects with Kids.  They are way cuter than the dumb real gingerbread house and there’s not sugar in them and you can hang them on the tree.

Ok, fine, it’s ME that cries when the Gingerbread House roof caves in.  NEVER AGAIN!

Pine Cone Trees from Elementary Art Fun


These Pine Cone Trees from Elementary Art Fun are kind of sophisticated looking.

I mean, clearly these are something an Elementary school aged child could make, but, man they are super pretty.  I’m not saying that the stuff 2nd graders make isn’t ALWAYS pretty, but…

I mean come on, sometimes that stuff is crazy looking.  Not these pine cone trees.  These are winners!

Candy Train from One Hundred Dollars a Month


This train is too cute for words!  Miss Mavis from One Hundred Dollars a Month has knocked it out of the park with this little project.

Can you imagine these going in to school for the class Holiday party?  The kids will LOVE!

I know you can’t really send candy in anymore.  BORING!  You might have to throw a holiday party at your house for your kids and their friends just to have an excuse to make these cute candy trains.

The Grinch Ornament from Buggy and Buddy


I was an extremely anxious kid and The Grinch scared the bejeezus out of me.  But, also, I loved the Grinch.  It was probably my second favorite movie after Rudolph.

These little Grinch Ornaments from Buggy and Buddy and can I just say, it’s super special that something that I watched as a child is still around and my kids watched it.

That’s pretty awesome, right?

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts from I Heart Crafty Things


These Paper Plate Christmas Crafts from I Heart Crafty Things are a super example of something that you might have made when you were a kid, except these are really adorable.

I’m not saying yours weren’t adorable.  I’m just saying mine probably weren’t.  I was not crafty.  It is a learned behaviour for me.

Give these a try this Christmas!

Giant Gingerbread Man from Happy Toddler Play Time


If you don’t make this with your Toddler this Giant Gingerbread man from Happy Toddler Play Time, then you need a do over for the holidays.

I might even make my 12 and 15 year old kids make these.  I mean, WHY NOT?

What could be more fun than this?

Paper Chain Advent Calendar from Mod Podge Rocks


Sometimes I forget just how much crafty we did when I was a kid.  I’m pretty sure we made paper chains like this one from Mod Pod Rocks for every major holiday, though.

I mean, I guess what else was there to do before the Internet and watching Elf 47 times?

It would be fun to set up a retro Christmas Tree and re-make all of the crafts we made as a kid, wouldn’t it?

Rudolph Antlers from Kid’s Craft Room


These Rudolph Antlers from Kid’s Craft Room are super cute when you see someone wearing them.

So click over there and check out the other pics.

I love this idea because it’s a free printable and it is always a good idea to have something like this at a Christmas party.  It’s guaranteed laughter.

Grinch Spoon Craft from The Joy Of Sharing


I’m throwing in one more Grinch craft.  Reason 1:  The Grinch is awesome.

Reason 2: This Grinch from The Joy of Sharing is made out of a spoon which totally reminds me of Forkie from Toy Story 4 which I loved.

This is so adorable and I love it.

Now What?

Let’s get ready for CHRISTMAS and make all the crafts!  And let’s make our kids make them, too!


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Easy and Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

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