DIY Marbled Glass Vases

I have been in a crafting funk lately.  I’ve been wanting to try one of the marbling tutorials I’ve seen on Pinterest, but I was thinking I would need to buy stuff for it.  Namely an object to marble. It seemed like all of the tutorials I saw were done on white objects, white cups, white plates, white paper…  And I didn’t have anything laying around that was solid white.  Tonight I decided, to heck with it, I’m going to try marbling on glass.  What’s the worst that could happen?


I can tell you that the worst that will happen is that you will mess up on your first few tries and have to clean your glass vases and start over.  No biggie, right?

Materials for DIY Marbled Glass Vases:

Glass vases or other non-food/drink vessel (mine are from the dollar store)

Various colors of nail polish

A disposable pan, pot, etc that you can pour hot water and nail polish in (I ended up using an old chip & dip bowl that I don’t like)

Toothpick or skewer

Hot water

DIY Marbled Glass Vase Pink and Gold

1.  Fill up your pan, pot or, in my case, unwanted chip & dip bowl, with HOT water from the tap.  You want the water to be hot so you give yourself a little time before the nail polish starts to harden.  I added more hot water with each round of dipping the glass into the water/nail polish mix so that it stayed hot.

2.  Pour a few drops of nail polish into the hot water. Pour it close to the surface of the water so that it doesn’t sink.  Pour a few drops of a second color of nail polish in next to the first color.

3.  Using a toothpick or skewer, swirl the two colors together.   I used hot pink and a cream color and hot pink and gold nail polish.

4.  Quickly (!) dip your glass vase into the water/nail polish mixture.  I laid mine on it’s side in the bowl so that one side got covered.  Quickly (!) take the vase out of the water and stand it up to allow it to dry.

5.  Allow the vase to drip dry for a few minutes and then repeat the process, laying the un-marbled side of the vase into the water/nail polish mix.  Two dips covered my entire vase, but if you’re vase needs more, then repeat it again.

6.  Allow to dry.  NOTE!  These are definitely NOT dishwasher safe.  They will need to be very gently hand washed.

Special Note:  Notice the lack of pictures of the steps in this post?  That’s because you HAVE to move very quickly on this project.  If you don’t, things get goopy and yucky.  And then you have to start all over again.



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DIY Marbled Glass Vase - Pink

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