Cute Mason Jar Gifts Your People Will Love!

Everybody loves giving and getting gifts.  Nobody likes trying to think of what to get for someone that you kind of know and you like them well enough to get them something, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money, but you don’t want to look like you didn’t spend much money or thought, either…  You know what I mean?

It’s like, the crossing guard for your guards.  He’s a lovely man and he keeps your kids safe as they cross the street.  You want to show your appreciation and get him a little something, but you have, like a MILLION presents to buy and only so much money to spend.

Here’s what you do.  Mason Jar Gift!  It looks adorable and it definitely is thoughtful.  It takes some assembly on your part, so there’s definitely some time spent, even if you did’t spend a whole lot of money.  Mason Jar Gift sets are the best way to show people like the crossing guard your appreciation.

What is a Mason Jar Gift?

It’s basically a mason jar filled with a few little goodies that someone will love.  It’s great because the mason jar is a cute vessel for gifting.  You don’t have to wrap it.  Fill it with some candy and slap a bow on it and you have a very basic Mason Jar gift.

But we’re not doing basic.  We’re going creative and I found some super creative Mason Jar Gift ideas that will make you look like a champion gift giver.

You want to be a champion gift giver, right?

13 Mason Jar Gifts to Make You A Champion Gift Giver

Sugar Scrub in a Mason Jar

For the people on your list who love a little pampering, sugar scrubs are really easy to put together and super inexpensive.

You can even include the recipe so that when she runs out of the sugar scrub, she can make more for herself.

I made these in small mason jars which keeps the cost down even a little more.  Pop a cute ribbon on this and you’ve got an adorable gift that says you put in time and energy.

Snow Man Mason Jar


The Weathered Plate totally NAILED this Snow Man Mason Jar.

How cute is that with it’s little red scarf?  And even a little better than a jar of candy is a slightly healthier jar of yogurt covered pretzels.

That’s slightly healthier, right?  Yogurt?  Calcium? Maybe not.  Still is cute though, right?

Mason Jar Candles


Candles are a universally well received gift.  It’s basically the whole point of Yankee candle.

But you know what’s even a little more special than a Yankee Candle?  A home made candle in a Mason jar!

Seriously, you have no idea how easy it is to make DIY candles and people will think you have some serious home-making/crafting skills when you start handing out home made candles in Mason jars.

Mommy Survival Kit


The holidays are stressful.  They are especially stressful for moms.

Wouldn’t you love to receive one of these adorable Mommy Survival Kits in a Mason Jar?  Well, make a bunch for your mom friends and gift one to yourself.

Yeah, you can totally make a gift for yourself. I give you permission.

Hot Chocolate Kit


Nothing says cozy night in front of the fire like some hot chocolate.

This fancy little hot chocolate kit in a mason jar from The Loopy Whisk is really adorable and looks pretty impressive.

But you can totally do this, it’s not that hard!

Winter Survival Kit


This winter survival kit from Happy Go Lucky is my favorite Mason Jar Gift on this list.

I love anything that is both adorable AND practical and this is definitely both of those things.

There’s cozy socks, chapstick and gloves tucked inside the mason jar.  This is a must make.  If you only make one of these Mason Jar gifts, make it this one.

Tea Time Mason Jar


Tea is basically hot chocolate for grown ups.  And I’m completely ok with that.  I love a good cup of tea.

It’s kind of like a whole ritual when you have a cup, isn’t it?

This Tea Time Mason Jar from The Gunny Sack will bring that little gift of a calming cup of a tea to whoever is lucky to enough to be on the receiving end of this gift.

Mani/Pedi in a Mason Jar


Give the gift of cute fingers and toes with this mani/pedi in a mason jar from Cupkake in Pumps.  Self care is a real thing and this is a tiny bit of self care in a jar.

And you’ll be surprised at just how much actually fits in the Mason Jar.  They are quite a remarkable and versatile kitchen staple.

This is a great gift for teachers to enjoy on their holiday break!

Taco Soup Meal In a Jar


If I happen to be on your Christmas list and you’re kind of like, “I don’t know what to get her and I don’t want to spend a lot of money”, then you can totally make me this Taco Soup Meal in a Jar from Make Ahead Meal Mom!

What a great idea to make a super easy little dinner in a jar for just about anyone.  College student?  Single guy? Teenagers who love to eat?

They are all fantastic recipients for Taco Soup in a jar.  I promise you.

Girls Weekend Mason Jar


So technically this mason jar gift idea from Southern State of Mind is for Girls Weekend, but you don’t have to do a whole weekend, you can just give the gift.  But, you should do a girls weekend for fun!

This one has cute pajama pants wrapped around the outside and the inside is filled with fun girly stuff.

I LOVE this idea of your daughter to give to her group of friends.  Or at least a couple of friends.  This one could get kinda pricy depending on where you find the pjs.

Cocktails in a Mason Jar


Let’s face it, we could all use a stiff drink around the holidays.

Or pretty much anytime, depending on the day.  These cocktails in a mason jar from Something Turquoise are going to be very well appreciated by nearly everyone.  Over 21.

I’ll take a Captain and Diet Coke, please.

Detox Water In a Mason Jar


This one is probably more like a party favor than a gift.  When you have your holiday party this year, offer up some amazing detox water.

These would be great for brunch for brunch.  Choose fruit and herbs you love (think citrus, mint, rosemary!) and add them to water.

They look gorgeous and are super healthy and hydrating.

Now What?

Well, go out and make the Mason Jar gifts already!  Which one did you love?  Have you ever gotten a mason jar gift?  What was in it?

Let me know and maybe I’ll add it to the list for next year!

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