Impromptu Post – Coolest Thing that has happened to this Blog

So, I’m sitting here checking on my stats for the 42nd time this morning and I see my little message box light up (which is, by the way, in a two way tie for first with when I have a repin on Pinterest).  My finger can’t click fast enough to see Read more →

What I Made this Week

I found an amazing new blog this weekend.  I had promised in My Faves This Week on Friday that I would try a recipe from this pin with fifty paleo cookie recipes.  In that pin, was a link to a recipe for Hazelnut Meringue Cookies on the Paleo site,  Against All Grain. Read more →

My Faves This Week

These things will do nicely in my home, please… This artwork is beautiful and it’s a DIY! This is THE. RUG. OF. MY.DREAMS. Have I mentioned already how much I love Emily Henderson? Why does this show up the week I’ve fallen in love with my black chandelier? This is Read more →

Polyvore-ing my Closet

I have an idea.  I’m going to catalog my entire closet on Polyvore!  I’ve come across tons of adorable outfits on Pinterest that I realized I had a lot of components for in my closet.                      Now, I don’t think this Read more →

This Will Never be a Blog about a Cat and a Bunny, but…

I have a dream.  I want to see a picture of my crazy cat and bunny on the internet.  One that I didn’t post myself.  I really feel my cat and bunny combo pets have a little Grumpy Cat-like potential.  Except instead of grumpy, they are creepily cute. That’s Binx Read more →

Black Chandelier

It sounds like a 70’s soft rock band.  But, actually, it’s way cooler than that.  If you remember, I put up this statement wallpaper in the dining room with the help of my mom: But, alas, the dining room that used to be the family room, did not have an Read more →

What I Made this Week

I had a great extra long weekend and I have one good for you recipe and one not good for you at all, but fun to make and topical.  Well, not actually topical anymore, but maybe you can pin it on your “What I will Make in 2 Years for Read more →

My Faves This Week

Truth.  Especially if you are going on a job interview.  (PS, you should never wear any of the following to a  job interview!):   And if dressing yourself well is good manners, then certainly you must also dress the home well: Moving on to up-ending my entire universe with pure Read more →

Redoing the Temple – The Update that is not an Update

Can someone explain to me why if I have been exercising consistently for the last 2.5 weeks that I have not lost an ounce (unless you count when I let my heals hang a little off the edge of the scale)?  In fact, when I weighed myself this morning, the Read more →

Family Room

  This is my first pass at Polyvore.  I loved it. It started off very easy, but there are a couple of things that I can’t quite figure out how to fix.  Like, for instance, the chaise lounge from Ikea is $350 and I can’t for the life of me Read more →